An FAQ list to help you understand a little bit more about us.

World renowned drone repairs at your service. Rob is ranked among the most experienced repairmen in the world.

Fast service

Providing Best & Fast Services.

Friendly support

Providing Best & Friendly Support.

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We have Secure & Flexible Payment Options.


All our repairs and products are warrantied against defects for 90 days.

1. What is Thunderdrones mission?

Our mission at Thunderdrones is to offer fast, quality and inexpensive repairs to your DJI drone. We are one of the most experienced companies on the planet to repair your drone and offer good advice of all kinds. Just check our forum and you can see how awesome Robs advice is. He often gives free advice.

2. Is Thunderdrones and authorized DJI repair center?

NO! We are not, and thats better for you. DJI does not repair drones, they just replace whole parts. We are generally 50% cheaper than DJI, and we will get you going and back in the air alot faster.

3. Is Thunderdrones qualified to repair my drone?

YES! Rob Schwartz is among the most experienced and knowledgeable DJI repair technicians in the world. He has bought sold and repaired almost 5,000 DJI drones and has many repeat individual and government customers. He also has over 11,000 forum postings helping people repair their own drones, and almost 10,000 likes. You can trust Rob for not only the repair, but after sales support, and great advice!

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