About us

Rob Schwartz, the owner of Thunderdrones, has has almost 50 years in RC experience. His experience includes RC airplanes, RC cars, trucks, boats, helicopters, and drones. Rob started into RC aviation at age 13 when he saved enough money from his afterschool paper route to buy himself a Cox .049 control line. It took him a while to get it flying well, but he had fun with it. Robs dad sailed ships to and from Vietnam during the Vietnam War, so Rob was left to his own DIY repairs when it broke.

Robs passion for aviation started with private aircraft flying, a hobby he inherited from his dad. Robs dad had been a private pilot since he was 18 years old in 1946. His first plane was a Piper Cub, and he progressed from there to other Pipers, and was an active pilot until the week before his death.

Robs first true RC airplane was back in the early 80’s with an AM transmitter. After that, Rob got into scale RC airplanes, helicopters, RC cars and trucks, boats, and in 2016, drones. Rob is still active with RC cars and trucks, but his passion has now become drones. So much so, that he started buying, selling and repairing drones in addition to all the other RC hobbies he had. He always repaired his own and repaired friends RC vehicles, so this was just another step forward in his technological experience. Rob flies at least 4 times a week, most times, more.

Rob is also a licensed private pilot with instrument training and complex rating. Rob has owned dozens of different aircraft from Piper Cherokees, to Mooneys, and his last plane was a Cessna 182RG. Rob bought and sold aircraft for a while back in the 90’s and early 2000’s, and logged alot of hours delivering aircraft.

Rob is always available for help with your drone questions. Rob is active in the Mavicownersforum.com forum.

This is only the beginning for Thunderdrones as we expand into different areas of drone design, parts manufacturing, and improving the already durable Mavic Pro and Mavic 2.

Our mission at Thunderdrones is to offer fast, quality and inexpensive repairs to your DJI drone. We are one of the most experienced companies on the planet to repair your drone and offer good advice of all kinds. Just check our forum and you can see how awesome Robs advice is. He often gives free advice.